Lease end

Please notify your Property Manager in writing giving minimum 28 days notice if you do not wish to renew your lease for a further fixed term.

In the event that advertising will commence to find a new tenant, you must allow the Agent access for showing prospective tenants within the last 28 days of tenancies (as per the Residential Tenancies Act).

Periodical lease

Should you wish to bring your periodical lease to an end, you may do so by giving 21 days notice in writing. Notice will commence on the day the notice is received by the Agent.

Breaking your lease

Should you wish to vacate your lease before the expiry date, you must notify your Property Manager in writing. The following costs will apply;

  • Payment of rent until a new tenancy commences
  • Portion of reletting costs (advertising and letting fee) as per the Residential Tenancies Act


Agreements cannot be sublet or assigned unless written consent is first obtained from the Landlord/Agent. If approval is granted, additional tenants are to be added to the lease agreement. Fees and charges apply, refer to your lease agreement.